New Buck-Buster Recurve from Parker

New Buck-Buster Recurve from Parker

This is the Buck-Buster Recurve from Parker. It is beautiful, simple, but gives you solid performance. This crossbow can shoot a 425 gr arrow and generates 80 foot pounds of kinetic energy at a speed of 291 fps. Buck-Buster Recurve from Parker features Parker’s advanced Trigger System which features a crisp trigger with virtually no travel. It also has “an automatic safety” system that can be cocked in any position and automatically sets to safe position. Other features of this crossbow are Anti-Dry Fire System which prevents accidental firing without an arrow in position, Integral Scope Mounting System which provides a one-piece trigger and scope mounting unit eliminating concern over loose scopes or mounts. The finest crossbow trigger on the market, it fits right or left hand, with 190# pull weight. The new Buck-Buster Recurve has fewer parts, simpler construction, but it is able to change a string in the field.

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