Beautiful Hardwood Laminate Riser in PSE’s Impala

Beautiful Hardwood Laminate Riser in PSE’s Impala

The good collection for the good. Yes, you need to see this heritage series too. This is new recurve bow from PSE. This bow is called The Impala Heritage Recurve Bow. Made in Italy, this bow will amaze you by its beautiful laminate riser. You can choose both left or right hand models. All have overall length of 60” and four draw weights.
PSE Impala Heritage Recurve Bow is suitable for your fun, fitness or the hunt. Different from the traditional longbow, the recurve's unique design will make your arrow speed and distance go faster with less draw length. The Impala Heritage Recurve Bow also has compact design that will make it easier in negotiating wooded areas where a longbow may get caught and stuck in tree limbs and brush.

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