Bedroom with bed on podium

Bedroom with bed on podium

This masters bedroom has so much space which his owners chose to fit out the very big bed on a podium, so as to raise it in the room and obtain a clearance all around and all the dreamed space. The room is so big as we have the impression to be tiny when we are in the bed. The podium at 2 levels is covered with a carpet of color cremate, as all the bedroom moreover, so that we have the impression that it does not exist. The bed is dressed in the same colors as the carpet, as well as the box of the bed which is leather. Moreover, we built straight from the wall a squared leather bedhead cremate, which gives the impression that the bed goes on in the wall.

The big plate glass windows are quite dressed in lace curtains cream and we added hangings of a color cremate a little more steady to bound each of the windows. There where the owners dared it is in the choice of furniture. To cut the dullness of the room black lacquer drawers chests as well as a big sofa of black leather occupy the lost spaces.

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