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Bedroom with brick walls

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Submitted 2011-02-27

Bedroom with brick walls


  • Colors: Brown, beige
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Website:
  • Accessories: Brick walls, lamps, frames, vase, armchair
The masters bedroom which we perceive on this photo is pulled by a big and magnificent loft. We can only admire its walls of brick and the height of its ceiling. The big squared windows admit the light and we could almost imagine in a former factory. The owners have chosen to place the big bed in the center of the room, what makes it benefit from all the daylight. Its massive wooden furniture of brown color comes to add some more of heat and comfort. To cut on dark tints of the room, a bedding cremates dress the bed as well as the lampshades, arranged on bedside tables.

We added a leather armchair in the corner of the room, on which the owners can settle down to read or to listen to the television. You should not either neglect the luminosity which penetrates through its big windows, limiting the rigidity of the dark color of walls and furniture.
It is credibly a room in originality, quite of dressed brick.


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What a wrapping decoration that the walls of brick!
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