Black and yellow bedroom

Black and yellow bedroom

The colors which were chosen for the decoration of this masters bedroom are rather uncommon. If we look at it closer, these colors bring nevertheless a touch of life to the room. Here we chose to order dashing yellow, steady black and chamoirés fabrics of black, white and grey and this choice of color is very well distributed. Lamps chosen of yellow color are covered with lampshade black, what gives a warm effect. They are arranged on night tables of dark brown exotic wood. We find a touch of yellow also on the pillows of the bed. The bedding is wiser, with its tints of grey, white and black. We find a touch of madness with curtains made with one black and white fabrics.

So that the room is not too much colored, we have chosen to paint the walls of white and beige, with beautiful mouldings framing the room. Beautiful house plants are arranged here and there. A dashing but also very inviting bedroom.

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