Luxury bedroom

Luxury bedroom

The masters bedroom on this photography is quite in contrast so creating a striking effect. We have chooses here to cover the floor of a carpet of color Burgundy, carpet which comes to join the hangings of the same color. The length of curtains goes of the ceiling to the floor, creating a wrapping effect. We resumed the same darkened tint for the wall behind the bed. The designers also chose a pier on the bed with the same tints Burgundy to cover the bedding. The focal point of this room is created by the bedhead, made by leather pad of a striking white. Sheets, braid and pillows are also white.

At the bed end, a leather bench of color Burgundy gives the impression to lengthen the bed. A leather armchair of the same color as the bench sits at feet of a window. The big windows are dressed in curtains full day of white color, which lets penetrate the daylight and keeps the intimacy in this room. A table in the shape of semicircle is arranged between the 2 windows, where we arranged a vase filled with flowers. Over the table, a frame illuminated by a small lamp separates the 2 windows and gives a rich and warm aspect to the room.

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