Nike Hyperize Supreme basketball shoe

Nike Hyperize Supreme basketball shoe Nike Hyperize Supreme basketball shoe

The Hyperize shoe is a model with many technological innovations developed by Nike. The Nike Hyperize presents a LunarLite foam and Flywire threads into an ultra light shoe that provides great lateral support and efficient cooling. Flywire is a thread developed by Nike composed of Vectran which is used in the uppers of the shoe. The Flywire technology combines lightness and support, and openings in mesh for better breathability while maximizing support. Vectran is very lightweight, flexible and has a tensile strength five times stronger than steel.
The traction provided by the shoe is excellent and no slipping is experienced upon stopping or during sharp cuts. The shoe has great lateral support when attempting quick cuts as when crossing up defenders. The Nike Hyperize fits like a glove and there is no sliding of the foot within the shoe on quick cuts or during jump stops.

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