The iPod Touch represents the ascendancy of Apple in numeric music readers. Just like the iPhone, it is completely tactile. It is sometimes also assimilated in a portable console in regard of the number of games which it contains. Set apart the multi - touch sensitive screen, this range presents a new option. It is the WiFi connectivity. Indeed, with an iPod Touch we can connect to internet by using any modem-router.

It uses the famous browser Mac named Safari. This feature allows to do without the computer, the iPod so become autonomous at 100 %.

The iPod Touch wants to be the digital walkman of the future. The big capacity in spite of the use of a flash memory and the possibility of connecting it to internet make a revolutionary model which knew how to challenge any competition. Its price remains over the average (from 200 to 500 euro on average), but those who tried it know that it is worth the candle.

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