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Jared Padelecki's middle long haircut

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Submitted 2010-12-01

Jared Padelecki's middle long haircut


  • Hairdresser: unknown
  • Photographer: unknown
  • Website:
The star chooses a hairstyle which goes of pair with its seductive image. He opts then for a haircut with fringe. The fringe was at first to consider as a purely feminine tendency. Little by little, the tendency became widespread to gain popularity with the male gente. Some people in priori see an indisputable feminine aspect there. However, several stars opting for this type of hairstyle changed that vision of things.

Today, the fringe can even become a virile asset of a big aesthetic value. For the actor, the fringe can even appear as apractice solution. Indeed, it is the most effective means to conceal an impressive forehead. But the aesthetic concern is undeniable. The fringe is an integral part of the hairstyle, a glamorous part and which has its place within this cutting.


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A hairstyle which advances the charm and the sensualism.
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