Josh Holloway's natural sexy haircut

Josh Holloway's natural sexy haircut

This model and actor indeed has the advantage to have a very advantageous physical appearance which attracted the labels and which made of him the égérie of the perfume Cool Water de Davidoff. And we understand the craze of the advertising executives when we see Josh Holloway's photos. What is rather remarkable of the actor's is also his simple look and his natural hairstyle. Having worn them for a long time short, Josh Holloway opts for the simple middle-length.

The haircut consists of a slightly disentangled square. The drills which surround the face are shorter and they form occasionally a discreet fringe. The color of Josh Holloway's hair is bright with a mixture of dark blond nuance and honey. The actor is very natural it is for that he is not there sophistication in this haircut. The hairstyle is not complicated, just drills returned discreetly behind.

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