Mick Jagger rock haircut

Mick Jagger rock haircut

The look of Mick Jagger is subversive with a chic note. The rocker even kept his mythical haircut. The hairstyle of Mick Jagger is long and very degraded. The lengthes are striking, especially at the level of the back part. On sides, hair are shorter. There is an ascending gradation. The fringe hides the forehead.

Hair are scattered on two sides, but the ray is very discreet. Hair degraded on the top of the head are returned forwards. This haircut has a lot of volume. No too smooth and stiff hair, rock attitude obliges! What creates the dynamism of the hairstyle, it is the disentangled effect marked with hair. To do hair we avoid ge), we use rather some wax to highlight the points of hair towards the outside.

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