Smith sunglasses

Smith sunglasses Smith sunglasses

You want to have a spor, young and class style, while remaining classic and elegant ? You need not too expensive and irreproachable sunglasses?

Smith is undoubtedly what you need. Glasses for man and woman (as well as unisex models), frames in acetate or polycarbonate very practical and very discreet, glasses tinged with very reassuring protection factors, what to ask furthermore? A moderate price? Smith also takes care of it. The Smith brand of sporting glasses spoils its buyers: its models have become sport while staying chic and elegant , Resistance fighters and are moderated for the budget.

As for the price, this one turns around 100€. Certain pairs cost more or less, but you can for 100€ buy sunglasses of an incomparable quality, which will serve you a long time.

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