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Club Jouet toys store

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Submitted 2009-12-29

Club Jouet toys store


  • Number of stores: 1
  • official website:
  • Main office: 1100, Bouvier, suite 153 Québec(Qc Canada)
  • Year of foundation: 1994
The Club Jouet is the largest department store warehouse in North America. Located in the town of Quebec, Canada, the Club Jouet provides games, toys and play activities of all kinds, to its young like its old customers and this, since more than 4 generations. You seek a Barbie doll for your young girl, Fischer Price toys, Playmobil for your child? Electronic game for your teenagers? Or the board games to play in family during the holidays? You will find all of that and more at Club Jouet. Moreover, if you do not live in the town of Quebec, but wish nevertheless to shop at Club Jouet, you can order on their Internet site.


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